Session Helps & Tips

It’s hard to choose family pictures when you can’t even think of what the options are! So, to simplify I’ve made a general list (I’m probably missing some and I’ll certainly add to it in the future) of family picture backdrops in the Utah county. Here they are in no particular order!

Utah Lake: These can obviously be done at any time of year but this was taken in the spring.


Buildings: This can be done against a brick wall building or at your local courthouse.

Fields: There are a lot of different views from fields in Utah County. My favorites are the ones that show just a bit of mountain in them. However these pictures can be taken without the mountains in the background as well.
Orchard: In the spring these make a beautiful backdrop with the flowers blossoming, however I love them any time of year.


Rivers: We have some really pretty river views here in Utah County as well.


Traditional Fall Backdrop: These can be found many locations, but it is difficult to plan ahead for these. You can usually count on the middle of October to beginning of November but sometimes the leaves fall before you can get them! Just depends on the year.


Dry Weeds: I have a couple different samples of this one. This is a brighter feel and the next image has more of a moodiness. This one was taken in the day and the second one was taken as sunset.



Fall Pictures without the “fall in your face” feel: This is really pretty if you’re wanting fall pictures but not necessarily fall to scream at you.


Snow or Pine Tree: These are great if you want to send out traditional Christmas pictures. It’s really cold so don’t expect your session to last long!


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