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Baby A.

This little angel is perfection.View full post »

Baby C.

This is our newborn follow up to our lifestyle session. He was the most dreamy sleepy baby. You can tell his littleView full post »

Jacobson Family

This little family is precious! I can totally relate to this mama because of my 3 boys. She takes it on like a champ! IView full post »

Scarlett Newborn Pics | Utah County Photographer

This baby has blessed so many lives! I have such a respect and love for those that adopt their babies out and thoseView full post »

Grayson Newborn Pics

Meet Sweet Grayson! I could pose him all day!View full post »

Miss Macy | 10 days new

This girl was an angel. She slept through everything. My favorite thing about her is her quiet gentle soul.View full post »


I just love this sweet serious little gal. Happy 1st birthday little one!View full post »

Sweet Little Sage

This cute little muffin I just wanted to eat up! I’ve known her mom for over ten years nows. (makes me feel justView full post »


Meet Rhett. He’s a charmer, his favorite color is orange and he knows how to work his angles. I would know.View full post »

Meet Eiger | Utah County Newborn Photographer

Google Eiger and you will know all about this boys namesake. His parents are avid hikers and his Dad was really takenView full post »

McWhorter Family

Yes, we’re related 🙂 yes, they’re awesome 🙂View full post »

Little Mister Eiger (yes, named after the mountain)

I love this little man and all his wonderful red hair! Never was a little babe more loved than this fella. He’sView full post »

Baby E.

This session was really neat because this brilliant momma asked if baby E’s grandma could do a few pictures withView full post »

Katie | Utah County Seniors Photgrapher

Katie, Katie, Katie…welp, this girl went and graduated! She also happens to be my sister in law and weView full post »

Evelyn | Utah County Newborn Photographer

This is one lucky girl! I always wanted an older brother and this girl gets two. My favourite part about this sessionView full post »

Mini Sessions

For those of you interested in the mini shoot here is a sample taken there last yearView full post »

Kash | I’m in love with his name

This guy is the luckiest! His sister is in love, his mama is smitten and his daddy is one proud papa.  View full post »

Little Clark Kent

This little man is adorable. I love his name and I love the passion his parents have for their heritage.  View full post »